When a tiny Caped Crusader stole our hearts in ‘Batkid Begins’: Boston Globe Review

"5-year-old California leukemia patient Miles Scott told the Greater Bay Area chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation about his dream of being Batman. The boy’s wish resonated so widely. San Francisco transformed itself into Gotham City."

Boston Globe

A Heroic Boy Rescues a City: The Wrap Review

"A child conquers cancer, becomes a miniature Batman, saves San Francisco, and makes the viewer’s day in the film that should leave audiences with a tear and a smile."

The Wrap

‘Batkid Begins’, Summer Bright Spot: Hollywood & Fine Review

"Batkid Begins focuses on how what seemed like the entire city of San Francisco transformed itself into Gotham City for a day, so a boy named Miles Scott could have an adventure as Batman."

Hollywood & Fine

A Superhero Wish Becomes The Feel Good Movie of The Year: Deadline Review

"Who knew the feel good movie of 2015 would turn out to be a documentary about a 5-year-old boy suffering from leukemia?"


'Batkid Begins', the Most Heartwarming Documentary of the Year: Examiner Review

"Is there anyone who doesn’t know the story of Miles Soctt, the Make-A-Wish kid who became Batkid for a day?

If you recall the social media phenomenon that surrounded him in 2013, or have seen photos of the thousands of people who participated in it,

then it may seem like everybody knows Miles."


Joyous new documentary tells the story of Batkid

"When you’re working with emotion, it kind of takes over,” says a costume designer who volunteered to help realize the dreams of a little boy with leukemia who wanted to be Batman for a day…"

NY Post

Roger Ebert: Slamdance 2015

"Nachmann's film is the ultimate feel-good story.

It also shows that film festivals are not just a place to discover new

films and promising talent, but a great place to rediscover one's own humanity."

roger ebert

'Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World': Slamdance Review

"Whether Miles will remember the day exactly in the manner it's portrayed in the film has yet to be determined, but for millions of people worldwide, it's likely to remain one of the more notable experiences in recent collective memory."

the hollywood reporter

An Uplifting and

Important Documentary

"a really well made, emotional documentary..."

slash film

You have no idea how good Batkid Begins Will Make You Feel

"It's films like Batkid Begins that remind you it's okay to smile."


'Batkid Begins' and 'Amy' have more in common than you think: Denver Post Review

"On the surface, the movies couldn't be more different. One is sorrowful — and infuriating. The other is so feel-good, it may be hard for even practiced cynics not to succumb to its tale of a city caught up in the sweet saga of one 5-year-old with a wish."

Denver Post

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